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FreshBonAppetit® is a cookware commodity engineered with 7-layers of 316L high quality surgical stainless steel designed to provide maximum cooking performance that will make a difference in the way you prepare heart-healthy, yet flavorful meals—for you and your family.



You, too, can be a kitchen genius with FreshBonAppetit® Cookware. All it takes is to possess a love of cooking, of food, and of making other people feel happy with the amazing feast you are offering. Plus, it does not hurt either to practice, practice and practice until you have committed the following tips by FreshBonAppetit® Cookware to your heart and mind.


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“Good food creates memories, forges friendships and makes the heart grow fonder.” Author Unknown

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 15 reviews
by Matt & Nicole Freeman on FreshBonAppetit®
Great Tasting Food

At our family dinner show I was amazed at what I was tasting and reading. It takes next to no time to cook and I don’t even need to be in the kitchen. This freed me up to accomplish more and be with my son. I could actually taste the food and could rest assured I was getting the nutrients and vitamins the Fresh Bon Appetit foods contain. Our grocery bill has gone down drastically and our health is even better. Thanks Fresh Bon Appetit

by Sara Jenkins on FreshBonAppetit®
The food is Amazing!

I wanted to wait to leave this review and I'm glad that I did. I purchased a set of Fresh Bon Appetit cookware back in April 2019 and it was the best investment for my families health! The food cooks so fast and you can taste the difference with these pots! Thanks for a great product! The Jenkins Family

by Preston Malone Sr. on FreshBonAppetit®

The dinner show was awesome! I never knew just how good food really tasted without a lot added seasonings, it was so good, every bite! This cookware makes cooking fun, easy and a joy - once I had a Fresh Bon Appetit Cooking System experience, I refuse to go back to the old way of cooking, the old way of unhealthy cooking. I just had to have a set of this cookware. and I joined the Fresh Bon Appetit Team because I want to share this great joy I've found with the world. So, book a dinner show asap an experience the Fresh Bon Appetit Revolution.
If your food is not tasting good to you....then you need to be coming to Fresh Bon Appetit!  Preston Malone, Sr.

by Breanna on FreshBonAppetit®

JJ is awesome!  The dinner show was tasty and educational! 316L surgical steel cookware makes a huge difference!!! Cooking classes here I come!!!

by Crystal on FreshBonAppetit®
Tasty! Tasty! Tasty! And HEALTHY!

JJ did an amazing job educating us with evidence to eat healthy without losing the taste. The cake was surprisingly good.

On a side note, JJ must have been raised on a farm because his jokes were corny. (Joke) Lol.
Thank you for an amazing evening.

by Willene Owens on FreshBonAppetit®
Thank you

I learned so much. I understand now jut how much the microwave "nooks" out all of the nutrition in meals, but this scrumptious meal we ate today was only 580 calories with 6 grams of fat which included the cake you cooked on top of the stove and icing. Jeremiah everything tasted phenomenal! Thanks FreshBonAppetit

by Tej on FreshBonAppetit®

The food was amazing. My favorite was the crispiness of the chicken skin and corn. The fact that there was little to no seasoning made the meal even better. Great Job FreshBonAppetit!

by Yolanda on FreshBonAppetit®
Great food and cookware

Really enjoyed the food and very impressed with the 316L surgical cookware. Jeremiah was very professional and informative. I really appreciated this experience.

by Tommy on FreshBonAppetit®
Diner show

Everything was great... the food was amazing and the chef was very professional!

by Deon on FreshBonAppetit®
Pleasantly Surprised

At first I was very skeptical but when I seen how a cake was cooked stovetop and came out moist and delicious I was totally sold. To actually have the knowledge behind eating truly nutritiously is worth it in itself. Thanks Chef

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