The FreshBonAppetit® Dealer Enterprise Opportunity

How much does it cost to open a FreshBonAppetit® Dealership?

The initial investment to join FreshBonAppetit® is essentially small — especially when compared to the expensive up-front costs of other enterprises, like franchising.

What kind of time investment is needed?

The beauty of working with FreshBonAppetit® is you may work as little or as much as you want depending on your needs and your goals. To give you a context of the time an average consultant devotes, consider that holding two FreshBonAppetit® cooking shows is the equivalent of working approximately eight-hours.

Can I make FreshBonAppetit® my full-time career?

You can work a little or as much as you want. With time, energy and passion, you can eventually own your own FreshBonAppetit® dealership, which has proven to be a rewarding, full-time career for many people all over the world.

How do I advance in my FreshBonAppetit® career?

The recommended career path allows you to advance at a pace that fits your style. You’ll also have access to mentors and colleagues who will help you make decisions as you advance. It’s your career — you decide what you want it to be.

What kind of training will I need?

FreshBonAppetit® offers a comprehensive training program that will equip you with the knowledge and business tools you’ll need to be successful. This includes our exclusive hands-on demonstrations, and a virtual training library that teaches you key aspects of the FreshBonAppetit® enterprise. You’ll also receive sales and marketing materials to support your business needs.

Can I build a FreshBonAppetit® career with my spouse?

Absolutely! In fact, some of our most successful FreshBonAppetit® Dealers are couples and partner teams.

Contact our office via email at: [email protected] for more details or to setup an appointment with our headquarters staff!